Tribes Custom Drums

At Tribes we know that after years of dedication to your craft, you really begin to appreciate a fine instrument. Your ability as a musician can outgrow the ability of your drum kit to respond. Once you've graduated from mass-produced starter kits, we hope you'll want your own signiture set that awakens to your hands, that compliments your movements and responds as a living extension of your own mind. A kit that makes you come alive.

We also know that most players don't have a winning lottery ticket to fund their rock and roll fantasies. That's why we created Tribes. We studied, experimented and labored to further enhance MAPLE drum shells that were not only stunningly beautiful but would stand up to the rigors and subtleties of every playing style, without costing twice as much as the car you haul them in.

Tribes was created by and for drummers, and is comprised entirely of drummers. Here, everyone is a player, from our builders to our bookkeeper. Even our web guy and the creator of our name and logo are drummers. In this way, the Tribes vision is owned and carried by everyone at Tribes, not lost in a bureaucratic tangle. Tribes is a small custom shop in which everything is done by hand. 

When you call the Tribes' shop you'll talk to the guys who build your drums. Not only that, but you'll be talking to the Tribes owners. At Tribes, the buck stops with the person you're talking to. That's how we meet your needs without hassles or unreasonable expense. When you have a request, we don't have to ask permission. If you have a complaint, there's no blame to pass.



3070 28th Ave, Suite D
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Phone: (303) 402-0122